Managing & Contracting (Adult) Models for NFT Game and Trade Collectables

About Us

DiamondPress is based in Amsterdam the Netherlands. We aim to create or utilize unique highly valued content for (adult) Models. All our services are free of charge. We own different portals, games and a professional team to make your profits grow. We love to assist models in their online career to either create new content or utilize their existing content for online growth and profits with NFT sales with Patcards, Popularity growth on Instagram and Portal Revenues on Only Fans. Contact me directly on Whatsapp to get started!

Phone: +31639713713
Skype: live:.cid.af9a3b4ef276d863

Our specialties

We are specialized in model management, content creation, online marketing, traffic funneling and revenue management. We invest in (Adult) Models by service agreement on profit share. Contact us and utilize your content with us by NFT Image Sales, NFT Collectable Trading profits on the blockchain, Media creation and managing profits for portals Only Fans for online revenue creation and growth. 

Our Services

Our services can be contracted or temporary services without any strings attached. All our services are free and we work on a profit sharing base which varies from 30/70 to 10/90 depending on your experience. We have a talented team and multiple locations for content creation and upkeeping your audience and content online to save you time.

  • Model Management and Licensing
  • High Value Content Creation and Distribution
  • Profit and Resource Management
  • Automated Services to upkeep and grow your audience for residual growth of your income
  • Managed NFT Image Creation and Distribution worldwide

Model Management

Contracted Models earn higher profits, but we also do short term assignments on profit shared base. Either you want to create new content or want to utilize existing content and grow your profits, we can assist you by answering all your questions, helping you to grow your market or start building your market from scratch. We work worldwide and can assist you by phone, video call or face to face at your office in Amsterdam. Feel free to contact us and explore the possibilities.

Phone: +31639713713
Skype: live:.cid.af9a3b4ef276d863

Contact Us

Are you an independent modeling agency, photographer or independent content creator then we would love to partner with you and grow the possibilities for online content distribution on the blockchain. We offer multiple possibilities to integrate your services in our revenue model and grow the market together. If you are interested then please send us an email with your latest work and / or your website.

Payouts and Profits

Payout and profits for models are managed in their private console. All revenues are based on our profit sharing agreement. Revenues can additionally build up from $500 to thousands of dollars a month by simply being connected to our network of image distribution on (NFT) portals and optimizing your current online sales with our expertise.  You will spent less time and earn more profits. Feel free to contact us and we can inform you about the possibilities.